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The Selkirk Rex is a curly coated breed which originated in the USA. Its type is very similar to the British Shorthair, to which it is outcrossed, with a rounded head, cobby body and sturdy legs. As it may also be outcrossed to British Longhair, Persians and Exotic Shorthair, the Selkirk Rex may be Longhaired or Shorthaired. They may be bred in any combination of colour and pattern.

    TICA Lifetime Achievement International Winner Supreme Grand Champion, Supreme Grand Champion Alter, GCCF Grand Champion & Grand Premier Catbalu Indiana
    (CH Catbalu Morgoth x TICA CH Catbalu Bella)
    "Indy", DOB 26/06/04, Red/White SH Male Neuter

    Blood group A, PKD negative.
    Carries Long-Hair and Chocolate genes.

    Best Selkirk Rex of 2006 for the TICA Region of Northern Europe and Best Red/White and 2nd Best Selkirk Rex internationally.

    International and Regional BoB 2007.

    International 3rd Best Cat and 2nd Best SH; Regional Best Cat; International and Regional BoB 2008.

    Best-of-Variety National Cat Club Show 2008.

    Regional Winner and Regional Best-of-Breed 2009.

    Image © Helmi Flick Cat Photography

    TICA Quad Grand Champion Ticatbalu Song For Guy

    (TICA Ch Ticatbalu Hot Toddy x Catbalu Aurora)
    "Guy", DOB 10/07/11, Cinnamon Golden Shaded & White SH Male

    TICA Quad Grand Champion & GCCF Champion Catbalu Creme-Royale
    (TICA LA LW SGC SGCA & GCCF GR CH GR PR Catbalu Indiana x Catbalu Monica)
    "Roy", DOB 17/10/05, Cream SH Male

    Blood group A, PKD negative.
    Carries Cinnamon.

    Image © Petographer

    Catbalu The Special One
    (TICA CH Lelaurier Cinntilating x Catbalu Zhazha)
    "Jose", DOB 24/05/08,
    Cinnamon Tortie & White SH Female

    Image © Petographer

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