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The most noticeable feature of a Scottish Fold is its ears, which are small and tightly folded, the smaller and tighter the better. The tips of the ear are rounded and the ears are folded forward and downward. The earflap is folded over completely to cover the ear opening and the flap is stiff and cartilaginous. The head is rounded with a firm chin and jaw. The nose is gently curved and short. The muzzle is rounded with well-defined whisker pads and the head is set on a short neck. The eyes are large and wide open with a sweet expression and eye colour corresponding to the coat colour. The Scottish Fold is of medium size with a solid compact body, short and rounded. The legs are of medium length and in proportion to the body and the tail tapers to a rounded tip.

Windjammer Scots Miss of Ticatbalu
(INT CH Bowberry of Windjammer x Windjammer Moon Dust )
"Molly", DOB 29/03/05, Tortie/White Female Neuter

Best Scottish Fold kitten of 2006 for the TICA Region of Northern Europe.


Molly Roll

TICA Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Ticatbalu Glen Fiddich
(TICA CH Lelaurier Cinntilating of Ticatbalu x Windjammer Scots Miss of Ticatbalu)
"Glen", DOB 28/05/07, Cream/White (Cinnamon carrier) Male

Image © Petographer

TICA Champion Ticatbalu Highland Lass
(TICA RW SGC Ticatbalu Glen Fiddich x Sheephouse Forgetmenot)
"Morag", DOB 03/07/08, Blue Tortie/White (Chocolate carrier) Female

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