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Self Colours

These cats have coats of a single colour, with no markings or shading. They are all identical in type.

  • Black

    This breed has a jet black coat with deep orange or copper eyes.

    Champion Catbalu Morgoth
    (GR CH Pridykats Navaho x CH Blaiziss Larisa Zoe )
    "Morgan", DOB 12/05/03, Male Neuter.

    Blood group A, PKD negative

    Morgoth - the first Dark Lord (LOTR). Chocolate carrier.

    Image © Petographer

  • Lilac

    This is the dilute version of the Chocolate, with a frosty-pinkish-grey coat and copper, orange or deep gold eyes.

    Grand Champion Sheephouse Harrison
    (GR CH Catbalu Harry Potter x Pridykats Mara Jade)
    "Harrison", DOB 22/03/04, Male Neuter

    Blood group A

  • Cinnamon

    The coat colour of this breed is a warm cinnamon brown.

    Catbalu Cinncinnati Kid
    (TICA CH Catbalu Kulfi x Catbalu Shetani)
    "Sid", DOB 27/09/10, Male


    Catbalu Mayan Mystica
    (Catbalu Owzat x Catbalu Emily )
    "Maya", DOB 27/03/08, Female

    Image © Petographer

  • Cream

    The copper, orange or deep gold eyes of this breed set off its unmarked pale cream coat..

TICA Champion Catbalu Kulfi
(TICA CH Lelaurier Cintillating x Catbalu Kiss N Tell)
"Kulfi", DOB 28/08/07, Male

Lilac based Cinnamon carrier.



The brilliant copper, orange or deep gold eyes of this breed are set in a black or chocolate coat, evenly intermingled with rich and pale red or a coat of intermingled lilac and cream.

  • Chocolate

    GCCF Grand Champion & TICA Quad Grand Champion Catbalu Candy-Crisp
    (CH Catbalu Morgoth x Catbalu KissNTell)
    "Candy", DOB 07/04/06



This British breed is patched with a solid colour and white, between one-third and two-thirds of the coat being white. It has copper, orange or deep gold eyes.

  • Blue
  • Catbalu Nymphaea Caerulea
    (GR CH Sheephouse Harrison x Catbalu Daylily)
    "Lylia", DOB 25/04/08, Female

    Blood group A


  • Fawn
  • Catbalu Cerbiatto
    (Catbalu Versace x Catbalu Delightful)
    "Kirby", DOB 18/10/10, Male

  • Cinnamon
  • Catbalu Land Of The Free
    (Catbalu Cerbiatto x Catbalu Eureka)
    "Libby", DOB 04/07/12, Female



The coat of the Tortie and White consists of bright clear patches of: black or chocolate, rich red and pale red and white; or blue or lilac, cream and white. The eyes, as before, are copper, orange, or deep gold.

  • Fawn
    Catbalu EveryRoseAsItsFawn
    (Catbalu Versace x Catbalu Rosalie)
    "Eve", DOB 23/04/11

Classic Tabby

In the British Tabbies the markings show up clearly on the short coat. The classic tabby pattern has distinctive "butterfly" markings on the shoulders and "oysters" on the flanks. In all except the Black Silver Tabbies, the eye colour is copper, orange or deep gold.

  • Chocolate
  • TICA Supreme Grand Champion & GCCF Grand Champion Catbalu Chianti Classico
    GR CH Sheephouse Harrison x GR CH Catbalu Twix)
    "Chianti", DOB 29/07/06, Male

    Image © Petographer

Spotted Tabby

The Spotted cat has the same head pattern as the Classic and Mackerel Tabbies. The pattern on the body and legs should consist of numerous, well defined, oval, round or rosette-shaped spots which follow the tabby pattern in distribution. The tail should have numerous narrow rings or spots, the tip of the tail being the same colour as the markings.

  • Chocolate Spotted
  • Grand Champion Catbalu Twix  
    (CH Catbalu Morgoth x Southstar Dioni)
    "Twix", DOB 31/05/04, Female Neuter

    PKD negative.

  • Blue Spotted
    TICA Quad Grand Champion and GCCF Champion Catbalu Zodiacal Light  
    (GR CH Colmarc Fallguy x CH Blaiziss Larissa Zoe)
    "Katie", DOB 09/10/07, Female
    Image © Petographer

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